WordPress Backup and Maintenance


Hosting providers often claim to include back-ups with your hosting account. You might even pay extra for backup service, and that is great. However, have you ever seen the backup? How long will it take to get a copy of your site to your web developer? Can you access the backup without having to contact the host?

Our back-ups supplement hosting back-ups and provide readily available copies of the site files and database. The files are uploaded to a remote server.

Back-ups protect investments

You have invested a lot in site design and development, and your site isn’t static. Changes happen constantly in the form of customer orders, blog entries, user changes, site updates, and more. It can be costly for an organization to lose this investment.

Data loss can happen for several reasons. Here are a few scenarios:

  • Someone deletes everything
  • Ex-employee or business partner deletes everything
  • Accounting forgets to pay for hosting, and the site gets deleted
  • The hosting company has a server or hard disk failure
  • Malware infects areas and corrupts the database
  • and more.


Your site is dynamic. Besides the changes made to the content and design of your site, WordPress and the third-party plugins release updates, bug fixes, security patches, and roll out new features.
The most important aspect of keeping these plugins up-to-date with the most current stable release is the security aspect.

Maintenance Includes:

  • Security Scan: Daily, we run the site through a security scan to check for malware or link injections that may not be obvious but could be doing harm to your online reputation or causing data loss.
  • Database Optimization: Your site’s database will build up overhead, slowing your website and compromising performance. We can keep the database lean and operate faster by clearing this overhead.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Every site experiences downtime at some point. We can get alerted when your site is offline to follow up with the host quickly to get the site back online faster.
  • SPAM Folder Cleanup: Frequently, the spam folder collects a large amount of entries. We can clear this folder monthly to lighten the database.
  • Post Revision Cleanup: Whenever a page or post is changed, WordPress saves the old copy just in case you want to revert to a previous version. These revisions add up fast, and we can purge these revisions to lighten the database further.
  • Plugin Updates: As stable releases are available, we can update them to be sure you get the latest security patches, bug fixes, and features.
  • WP Core Updates: Just like plugins, WordPress provides updates. However, many recent versions have auto-update features.

“Super impressed you found this potential vulnerability and are looking out for us!” – Ashley, Hiring Drivers Now


Our team prepares a report each month to let you know we are working on your site. The report includes a plugin update list, available backup revisions, security scan status, and server uptime.

Click here to view a sample report.

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